Linux Penguin Sticker Movement

So far there isn't much here but hopefully I'll be able to find the time in the near future to remodel everything around here.

The files listed below are of Tux, our friendly penguin, in various formats and for different purposes.

Since I'm a perfectionist I wanted to make a vectorized version of Tux. This I also did so that I could do some CSR cutting of Tux. Some of my friends now have nice penguins taped to their Linux boxes. I required them to put the sticker so that it covers the reset button, which in my opinion differentiates a Linux box from a proprietary system that I do not want to name here ... I don't think it's nice to swear.

The drawings were made with Corel 3.5 for Linux (exept for "Don't Fear..."). Perhaps there will one day be a GPL vector drawing program that could replace CorelDraw...

I'm not finished with them yet but they look good enough for now.

I'm not the artist behind these penguins (if you didn't know), I only did the tracing to vectors.

It's good to make use of the shift buttons while clicking the links below :)

penguin_sit-v0.1.cdr.gz A CDR version of all three eps files below
penguin_sit-3color_CSR-v0.1.eps.gz An eps suitable for CSR which is a little easier to assemble if you cut it really small. A height of 7 or 8 centimeters is about the smallest worth trying.
penguin_sit-4color_CSR-v0.1.eps.gz An eps suitable for CSR work or whatever where you want to use only 4 colors. White, Black, Orange (or Yellow), and Grey.
penguin_sit-color-v0.1.eps.gz An eps suitable for printing. It has somekind of fountain fills in Tux feet an beek but not really good.
Dont_Fear_the_Penguins-v0.1.cdr.gz A resizeable version of the same gif. An eps of this from Corel 7.0 became 12.4MB But then again Corel has never had a good eps filter.